A New Era in Early Stage Medtech Financing

Medvance Incubator Partners L.P. is an early stage venture fund created through the partnership of Shifamed LLC and Delos Capital, an Asia-based healthcare venture capital fund that seeks to pursue attractive investment opportunities in greater China and the United States. Delos Capital has extensive expertise and experience in investing in growth platforms in both therapeutic and medical technology areas. The Medvance Incubator Partners Fund has been established to predominately invest in our incubator portfolio companies, which aim to enhance clinical outcomes and procedural efficiency.

Managed by an Experienced, Well-connected Executive Team

The Medvance Investment Committee is comprised of members of our Shifamed management team and the lead investor, Delos Capital. The management team brings extensive market knowledge and a valuable network to each investment, with early awareness of the latest developments in the medtech space and special access to corporate partners and key opinion leaders. The involvement of the team is hands-on, assuming operating roles and proactively guiding companies through the various stages of development.