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The Shifamed process has five areas of focus:


brainOur projects originate from a variety of sources including internal brainstorming, outside ideas, and other collaborations.  We seek novel ideas that meet unmet market needs in value-added ways.

Project Selection

project-iconIn this phase, product ideas are quickly vetted and evaluated through proof-of-concept testing to ensure technical, clinical, and commercial viability. This allows us to discern those that represent strategically compelling business opportunities.


orange-iconUsing our full scale R&D and manufacturing infrastructure, we have the ability to execute on projects and build value without spending a lot of time or capital. Our approach avoids inefficiencies, optimizes concurrent work paths, and allows a rapid transition from concept to reality.


green-iconShifamed works with a broad base of investors inclusive of leading venture capital firms, major corporate strategic groups, institutional investors, and angel investors.

product support

blue-iconWe are committed to our products.  After securement of funding, the Shifamed team remains fully engaged until the transfer of responsibility is complete.  During this time, we offer a full range of resources to ensure the new company has the support needed to ensure long-term success.