We envision a world where people are able to live longer, healthier lives with fewer medical interventions.

| shifa |


(Origin: Arabic, Hebrew)

to heal or to cure

| med |


(Origin: Latin) derivative
of medērī, to heal

People. Process. Progress.

We believe the next generation of medical devices will shape the future of healthcare and have a profound impact on our society as a whole. Since 2007, we’ve been working to accelerate that future by bringing together the best thinkers and makers from both inside and outside the medtech industry, leveraging their expertise, insights, and ambition to address critical healthcare challenges through technology and collaboration.

While our rigorous idea evaluation process allows our teams to focus on the most critical unmet clinical needs, our structure, resources, and processes allow them to rapidly turn promising projects into breakthrough medical technology.

Always Ask “What If?”

We think about our end goals first and work backwards to achieve them. We explore new applications and imagine new possibilities to push beyond today’s boundaries.

Stay Agile

A first try may not lead to the desired outcome, but it provides valuable learning. If something doesn’t meet our rigorous standards, we don’t see a dead-end. We find a new way to do it.

Move Fast, No Shortcuts

We have stripped out the unnecessary layers and processes that slow other companies down. Here, speed comes from the removal of constraints, distractions, and silos.

Bring Others Up

Mentoring and coaching are built into our process, ensuring everyone benefits from the wisdom and experience of others. There is no competition between employees or portfolio companies; no trying to edge ahead for individual gain.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Each of us has more to contribute than our work skills and credentials. We are devoted to our work, but also to family, adventure, and fun. We believe that leading rich lives outside Shifamed’s walls helps us bring our best selves to our roles within them.

An ecosystem of innovation

Shifamed’s centralized model and dedicated state-of-the-art campus create the ideal environment for collaboration, innovation, and continued iteration. We provide our teams with access to the resources they need for successful technological and corporate development, including initial capital, engineering and manufacturing expertise, and company infrastructure.

With our wide range of expertise and communal atmosphere, we’ve built an ecosystem where “right need, right time, right solutions” can be evaluated, designed, tested, and rapidly brought to fruition—
reducing risk, driving results, and increasing impact.