We believe the next generation of medical devices will shape the future of healthcare.

Shifamed has a long history of entrepreneurial success in founding cutting-edge medical device companies and bringing highly-valued products to market through both direct development and strategic acquisition.

We have the experience, knowledge, and network to recognize untapped opportunities and skillfully navigate industry challenges, enabling compelling business propositions and deal structures that deliver meaningful returns for investors.

Currently, Shifamed is busy working on several companies in various phases of development from stealth mode and early stage design to commercial release and next generation work.

Current Portfolio Companies

Adona Medical is focused on innovating interventional approaches for heart failure, a complex and progressive condition.

Atia Vision focuses on the development of an accommodating intraocular lens for the ophthalmology market.

Enlil is focused on developing a fully integrated, cloud-based enterprise software platform that addresses key business processes in a modular system and easily scales to meet a company’s growing needs over time.

Myra Vision is focused on evolving the surgical landscape with a novel technology to improve treatment for moderate to advanced glaucoma patients.

Supira Medical is focused on the development of a next generation percutaneous ventricular assist device (pVAD) for use in high-risk patients undergoing interventional procedures.

Tioga Medical is focused on providing elegant valve replacement solutions for mitral and tricuspid applications.

Legacy Portfolio Companies

Apama Medical, an atrial fibrillation ablation company, was sold in 2017 to Boston Scientific for $175 million in cash up-front, with up to $125 million in milestone payments.

SOLD IN 2017

Embolic Protection, Inc. (EPI), an intravascular filter company, was sold to Boston Scientific in 2001 for $75 million in cash up-front, with an undisclosed amount in milestone payments.

SOLD IN 2001

Kalila Medical, a company that provides catheters to address the myriad of delivery and access challenges seen in complex electrophysiology procedures and vascular interventions, was sold to Abbott in 2016 for an undisclosed amount.

SOLD IN 2016

Maya Medical, a renal denervation company, was sold in 2012 to Covidien for $60 million in cash up-front, with up to $170 million in milestone payments.

SOLD IN 2012

NuVera Medical, an advanced real-time intracardiac imaging (4D ICE) company, was sold in 2020 to a multinational medical device company and provided a great return to equity investors.

SOLD IN 2020

Sadra Medical, a percutaneous aortic valve replacement company, was sold in 2011 to Boston Scientific for $225 million in cash up-front, with up to $225 million in milestone payments.

SOLD IN 2011